Getting ready for a headshot

Here's a few pointers that you'll need to think about before your headshot session.



A few different options of tops to wear, a black, white, and perhaps something neutral. Please try and stay away from buckles and logos as they can be distracting. Long sleeves are usually best.


Think about the tone you want to try and achieve when planning your wardrobe - what kind of characters do you play or want to play in the future?

What kind of professional are you - a startup tech entrepreneur, an IT professional or a solicitor?


As we don't provide a hair & makeup service please bring along everything you think you'll need. So for instance you might want to bring a hairbrush, some gel or hairspray and a basic makeup kit. There are many makeup and hairdressing options within three minutes walk of the studio. 

Make sure you have a good nights sleep beforehand and drink plenty of water. 


We do not have a credit / laser card terminal so please bring cash along with you on the day.